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Knowing people means knowing business!

Business Development

Namaste and welcome!

You have come to the right place if you are a small or medium-sized business in the field of innovation and new technologies looking to expand into great new markets. If you are looking for an experienced and competent partner who understands and supports you on your way to Europe, I am the one you need.

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Strategic Consulting

Living India is constantly on the lookout for potential and opportunities for current, new and prospective clients. I take the lead in determining the requirements in Germany and other European countries, and, through my extensive network, establish an accurate match with potential German and other European partners.

Intercultural Knowledge Transfer

The modularity and scalability of the information we provide is a top priority for Living India. No matter whether you opt for in-house training or workshops, teletraining or telecoaching, it will be tailored to your needs.


Well established contacts are very important today. Not only in India. Due to my longterm relationships within Europe and India it is very easy for me to find the right people and companies for you according the development of your direction.

Integral Aspects

Integral means inclusive, balanced, comprehensive. Diverse perspectives provide for an extended and more holistic perception of an issue, allowing for new and unconventional solutions to various issues.

About Living India

Don’t adapt cultures, but benefit from diversity.


My name is Purvi Shah-Paulini, owner of Living India. I was born in Stuttgart, Germany and have deep Indian roots.

I am as conversant in German as in Gujarati, my native language. Due to my Indian upbringing in Germany, my frequent visits to India, accompanying delegations and my deep insights into Indian and German corporate structures, I am a qualified mediator for successful bilateral negotiations.


Extensive marketing and sales expertise

My extensive marketing and sales expertise, which I acquired during my MBA studies at the Nuertingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences among others, and my experience with the peculiarities of corporate and negotiation cultures make me an ideal consultant for the positioning of different products ...

My philosophy

My line of work is not about eliminating differences but about developing an understanding of the mindsets involved, from which both parties can benefit.
Sustainable entrepreneurial success is ultimately always a question of mutuality.

Online Magazin

Crossway – The Indo-German Business- & Culture Blog

The Indo-German Blog Crossway is a project devoted to the two countries and cultures, interconnecting politics, business, lifestyle and culture. It covers business topics, provides information on law, politics and tourism, and discusses Asian and European culinary delights, among others. There are articles in English and German.


Crossway Blog

Crossway is published as a Blog that will keep you informed about current issues in India and Germany. If you want to be regularly updated on politics, business, lifestyle and culture in both countries, please fill in the following form to receive Living India’s Crossway Blog-news. ...

Mutual discovery as a bridge to understanding

In the course of advising and presenting seminars, I have been and still am concerned with further clarifying and questioning my customers’ self and external perception of India and Germany. What do Indians know about Germany and what does the German perception of India have to do with reality? ...


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Living India
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