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Episode 1/21: The Wisdom Workshop Chapter 1/21 “We are many. Whom do we identify with?”

“The Fall, a time when the illusion of the Maya fades away, a freedom from the identification with the illusory persona. For as the trees let go of their leaves to embrace the new season each year, there is no need to fight the shadows that form the illusion or the masks that form our egoic personas, but rather enjoy the illusion for what it is and find the freedom to accept and play a role outside of identification.” ― Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache

We do identify ourselves with that what we have achieved, what we have gathered or bought. We identify ourselves through our roles. We have actually lost the deeper connection to love, knowledge and order. By losing this we lost connection to our infinite resources.

We shall not forget that there are infinite resources. Per definition, an infinite resource doesn’t become less, because we use it.

Episode 24: The Wisdom Workshop about „Wuwei – Flow” Interview with Andreas Andy Artmann (German)

The term Wu wei, also Wuwei, comes from Daoism. It is defined as non-action in the sense of acting in accordance with nature. Wu Wei does not mean that one does not act at all, but that the actions arise spontaneously in accordance with the Dao. Thus the necessary is done easily and effortlessly and overzealousness as well as blind actionism (which is considered as obstructive) is avoided. It is a state of inner silence that allows the right action to emerge at the right time without any effort of the will. “Wu-Wei essentially means to orient actions to the nature of one’s own individuality rather than to the purely cognitive, benefit-oriented will.

Enjoy listening to or watching the video. Andreas’ refreshing and light manner is fun.

Episode 22: The Wisdom Workshop 2. Interview with Wulf M. Weinreich “Tibetan book of death, evolution, epigentic, economics and politics” (German)

IIn the first interview with Wulf Mirko Weinreich, we talked about the integral model and how it is possible, to unite economics, politics and spirituality with each other in this model. The base of this episode is the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which Wulf Mirko has simplified and made it compatible for the western world in German and English (NOT translated). “The integral Book of the Dead” supports dying people in being accompanied into the different “Bardos”. If it is so that all people die the same way, and if manifest, subtle & causal are universal categories, so that every person goes through them, then it must be possible to describe it to everybody, without having studied religion or Buddhism per se.

Why is it important for Julia and me to deal with death? The way people deal with crises makes it clear that we, especially in the western world, are afraid of death. The naturalness that death actually brings with it (everything that lives will die) has been lost and actions, especially in business and politics, are based on “life support at any cost”. The causes that lead to actual suffering are hardly considered at all. Symptoms are treated. The detachment from the subtle and causal gives rise to fear. The connection to them creates trust.

Have fun listening. It makes sense to watch the first interview with Wulf Mirko, because this interview is based on it.

Episode 21: The Wisdom Workshop “Grief Counseling” Interview with Marketing Manager Petra Sutor (German)

Petra Sutor is a marketing manager at an auditing and tax consulting firm.
As a grief counselor, she accompanies bereaved people who have lost relatives and colleagues. She is
a systemic coach and a successful author.

With her we talk about the topic of death, how she was able to, together with a colleague, establish a
contact point for bereaved people and to change death in this environment from a taboo subject to a
an accepted topic. It is a very versatile conversation, where amongst others, intercultural aspects,
as well as western and eastern manners play a role.

Look or listen to this very interesting and touching episode.

Episode 20: The Wisdom Workshop “An integral view on Corona, Leadership in Economics & Politics” Interview with Wulf-Mirko Weinreich (German)

Immerse yourself in the integral world. In this episode Wulf Mirko Weinreich explains the integral model after Ken Wilber in terms of spirituality and psychology. How to explain how business and politics deal with corona with this model? We also take a look at leadership in these two areas and come to some interesting conclusions.

This time it’s worth watching the video, because some slides are shown for explanation.

Episode 18: The Wisdom Workshop Interview with Violetta Pleshakova on Leadership, paradigm shift and femininity

Violetta Pleshakova calls herself a pradigm shifter, a spiritual mentor and intuitive channel. To the outside world she shows up with her spirituality and clearly expresses what she believes in. This chapter is about Leadership and how spirituality can be lived in this context in a authentic way which doesn’t exclude anything but includes everything!

Episode 17: The Wisdom Workshop Interview on “Food, Nutrition & Leadership” with Prof. Dr. Carola Strassner (Englisch)

Prof. Dr. oec.troph. Carola Strassner, head and teacher of the department of Food, Nutrition and Facilities at the Muenster University of Applied Science, gives us an insight on her view on future leadership in context of Food. What impact does processed food have on humans? Why is it important to have a deeper look into the soil?
Accompany us in this multi perspective journey by watching or listening to our conversation.