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You have come to the right place if you are a small or medium-sized business in the field of innovation and new technologies looking to expand into great new markets. If you are looking for an experienced and competent partner who understands and supports you on your way to Europe, I am the one you need.

One of the biggest growth markets in the world

Germany is listed among the top ten countries of the Bloomberg’s Innovation list of 2015 in R&D, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech Companies and Patents.

Matters like finance, marketing, assistance in fast and non-bureaucratic registration with authorities, legal and tax advice, location, etc. need to be attended to when starting your business in this country. Living India and my network partners assist you in all relevant areas for your success in Germany and other European countries. I am your partner on an equal footing.

Please get in touch with me for your custom solution.

A broad range of characteristics

The broad range of characteristics of the different ethnic groups living in Europe, with their traditions, morality and ethics, plays an important role in business relationships and processes. However, it is sometimes difficult for foreigners to cope with.

Companies could sometimes perceive this as a barrier to trade. An example becomes apparent when introducing collaborating parties: due to the lesser importance of positions and hierarchies in Europe, the Indian way of communicating could easily lead to misunderstandings, particularly in Germany.

Strategy Model

Integral services for you

Living India uses an integral approach that takes the different interests of its clients into account. Elements of strategic consulting, the intercultural knowledge transfer and the accessibility of my well established network are included in each project. The focus behind this philosophy is long-term planning and custom solutions.

An integral perspective includes the human aspect too. Change management, organisational development, human resource development, etc. most often require much more than conventional solutions. Integral Organisational & Structural Constellation Work combines both: people and the organisation.


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