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Xway – The Indo-German Business- & Culture Blog

The Indo-German online magazine Crossway is a project devoted to the two countries and cultures, interconnecting politics, business, lifestyle and culture. It covers business topics, provides information on law, politics and tourism, and discusses Asian and European culinary delights, among others.

Mutual discovery as a bridge to understanding

In the course of advising and presenting seminars, I have been and still am concerned with further clarifying and questioning my customers’ self and external perception of India and Germany.

What do Indians know about Germany and what does the German perception of India have to do with reality? Despite the mostly positive reports about India and Germany in the respective countries, clichés stifle many facts and issues that are worth discussing.

Published in German and English, Crossway aspires to using mutual discovery as a bridge to understanding one another. Enjoy the first issue of this magazine!

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