It’s the right mix that matters!

The modularity and scalability of the information we provide is a top priority for Living India. No matter whether you opt for in-house training or workshops, teletraining or telecoaching, it will be tailored to your needs.

Training – fit for the 7,000-kilometre distance

Living India’s intercultural training comprises knowledge of cultural backgrounds, practicing country-specific conversation and behaviour patterns, and information on the geographical and regional differences between Europe and India, with a focus on management and knowledge transfer.

Therefore, you will benefit from my personal experience with both cultures in both personal and business contexts. And the workshop, seminar or team training is designed to your specific requirements, since the needs of a multinational enterprise are very different from those of a solely German or Indian company.

Workshop – practical experience for practitioner.

Sometimes, apparently secondary details lead to a major breakthrough. For example, what was missing in a practically perfect car design to make it successful with the Indian middle class? Quite simply, it was a recess on the dashboard large enough for a small statue of Ganesh, the god of luck.

This is a tangible example of intercultural work that considers the diverse issues Living India is conversant with: those in European and Indian cultures, as well as within the respective business cultures. Traditional hierarchical structures or collective thinking too are no trade barriers, as long as one is aware of how to decode them.

Teletraining and telecoaching – closing the distance is our business

It is not always possible or necessary to be on-site; and it is sometimes actually quicker and more convenient for your company to make use of Living India’s teletraining or telecoaching for specific issues. I can provide precise and flexible support using modern tools, over the Internet and/or by telephone, saving your company both money and time, since such training can be provided at off-peak times (i.e., before or after office hours) too.

My extensive network of in-house experts enables telecoaching and teletraining not only for the Indian subcontinent and German-speaking countries, but also for European, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian and US cultures and other major markets.

Should this be of interest to you, please get in touch with me.


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