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In my Podcasts I discuss with colleagues and guests from various areas about how to make use of already existing talents , knowledge and Know-How? How can this brought together in a way that the planet, means all living creatures, can coexist in a dignified manner? As an integral intercultural consultant, who acts in the field of Business Development, Organizational Development and as a Coach – I do unite the western and eastern cultures, philosophies and world views. In the upcoming Podcasts I would like to look at these complex correlations by discussing different perspectives and levels with colleagues and guests.

What do we learn from crisis and why are these to be seen as chance(s)? What significance does spirituality have in this context and why is it important to connect it in politics, economics culture, science and society?


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Episode 16: The Wisdom Workshop Chapter 8 "Leading from the soul"

Begin this chapter with a short meditation conducted by Julia. One of the key skills for future leaders is “creativity” which logically doesn’t merge from the brain. We practice and discuss how to get connected to oneself (soul) and let new ideas merge.

“Awareness ultimately has no boundaries. It exists in this world but endlessly goes beyond it. The world’s great wisdom traditions all derive from a higher reality that is indescribable but can be experienced. This is the greatest wonder and source of awe. As the ancient Indian sages declare, “This isn’t knowledge that you learn. It’s knowledge that you become.” When you fully absorb this insight, you know what it means to transcend. You don’t need to travel anywhere; all of reality exists in you. You exemplify wholeness because you are united with everything and everyone around you. You exist to demonstrate that human beings can reach the infinite, and by simply being who you are, you help others get there.” Deepka Chopra

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Episode 15: The Wisdom Workshop Interview with Katrin Renner on "Femininity of the new era" (German)

Katrin Renner, a consultant of a renowned auditing company and chakra therapist, sees herself as a bridge between intellect and emotion. She talks about the “femininity of the new era” and why it is important to also unite and connect this quality within us (men and women). She speaks about the ancient Indian Vedas which were “developed” thousands of years ago and which are more current than ever. What do emotions like fear, anger and shame and so on have to do with the Chakras? Colors do play an important role amongst others.

Watch and listen to our conversation in German.

Episode 14: The Wisdom Workshop Chapter 7 "Leadership & Development of the consciousness

“If you don’t let your past die, then it won’t let you live.” Dr. Traci Lynn

 We wake up every morning do our daily routine, especially the morning toilet, where we keep ourselves clean by brushing teeth, having shower and so on. I ask myself why do we not do that with our Emotions. What happen if we integrate this in our daily rituals? And what possibilities exist to practice emotional hygiene?

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