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In my Podcasts I discuss with colleagues and guests from various areas about how to make use of already existing talents , knowledge and Know-How? How can this brought together in a way that the planet, means all living creatures, can coexist in a dignified manner? As an integral intercultural consultant, who acts in the field of Business Development, Organizational Development and as a Coach – I do unite the western and eastern cultures, philosophies and world views. In the upcoming Podcasts I would like to look at these complex correlations by discussing different perspectives and levels with colleagues and guests.

What do we learn from crisis and why are these to be seen as chance(s)? What significance does spirituality have in this context and why is it important to connect it in politics, economics culture, science and society?


Get an insight of my motivation to make a podcast.

Episode 5/21: Wisdom Workshop "Business Talk" with Carolin Hambruegge on "Women in business in India"

 “Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” (Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook)

Carolin Hambrügge is a self-employed partner of GPS – Global Procurement Sevice in Germany. In this episode we speak about her experiences in doing business in India and we are also focusing on the aspect “Doing business in India as a woman” since the image of the huge country is rather negative in this aspect.

Enjoy the conversation and Carolin’s professional view as well as her long and deep experience in the Indo-German Business relationships.

Episode 4/21: The Wisdom Workshop Interview with Ajahn (Laoshi) Shi Miao Dao on "Metta". (in German)

Meditation is not about trying to get somewhere. It’s about allowing ourselves to be exactly where we are, and to be exactly as we are, and also allowing the world to be exactly as it is in this moment. – Jon Kabat-Zinn –

Metta is a word from the ancient Indian Pali language spoken at the time of the historical Buddha.
It means loving kindness, warmth of heart, benevolence, in a narrower sense it is derived from the words “kindness” and “gentleness.”

Ajahn Michal prefers not to translate it, but to call it just metta.
What this has to do with us as human beings and at the same time with politics and economy, you will learn in this interview, which in my opinion again has a wonderful depth and can show some new perspectives.

Episode 03/21: The Wisdom Workshop Chapter 03 "CHOICE"

“Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you made. If you want a different outcome, make a different choice.” – Unknown

This chapter is the last with our wonderful Julia Hayden, who has decided to focus on her vocation of “body whispering” and helping her clients get better connected with themselves.

And that’s what this chapter is all about. Whatever choice you make, stick with it. Give that choice a chance to thrive. Who do you want to be around with? What do you occupy yourself with throughout the day? What am I eating today or reading or watching TV?
I have decided to continue with the Wisdom Workshop podcasts. Julia, thank you for the wonderful time we have had together in our interviews and sharing of ideas. It has been very inspiring and I have learned a lot from you as well.

With a deep bow.

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