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In my Podcasts I discuss with colleagues and guests from various areas about how to make use of already existing talents , knowledge and Know-How? How can this brought together in a way that the planet, means all living creatures, can coexist in a dignified manner? As an integral intercultural consultant, who acts in the field of Business Development, Organizational Development and as a Coach – I do unite the western and eastern cultures, philosophies and world views. In the upcoming Podcasts I would like to look at these complex correlations by discussing different perspectives and levels with colleagues and guests.

What do we learn from crisis and why are these to be seen as chance(s)? What significance does spirituality have in this context and why is it important to connect it in politics, economics culture, science and society?


Get an insight of my motivation to make a podcast.

Episode 1/21: The Wisdom Workshop Chapter 1/21 “We are many. Whom do we identify with?

“The Fall, a time when the illusion of the Maya fades away, a freedom from the identification with the illusory persona. For as the trees let go of their leaves to embrace the new season each year, there is no need to fight the shadows that form the illusion or the masks that form our egoic personas, but rather enjoy the illusion for what it is and find the freedom to accept and play a role outside of identification.”
― Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache

We do identify ourselves with that what we have achieved, what we have gathered or bought. We identify ourselves through our roles. We have actually lost the deeper connection to Love, Knowledge and order. By losing this we lost connection to our infinite resources. 

We shall not forget that there are infinite resources. Per definition, an infinite resource doesn’t become less, because we use it.

Enjoy watching or listening to our conversation.

Episode 25: The Wisdom Workshop Chapter 9 Retrospection 2020 (in German with subtitles in English)

Julia and I look back on an eventful year 2020. We share our personal impressions in this corona time and talk about what the episodes and the different interviews have touched, inspired and made us think in which way. Stay healthy and we look forward to a happy reunion in 2021.

Enjoy watching or listening to our conversation.

Episode 24: The Wisdom Workshop about „Wuwei – Flow” Interview with Andreas Andy Artmann (German)

The term Wu wei, also Wuwei, comes from Daoism. It is defined as non-action in the sense of acting in accordance with nature. Wu Wei does not mean that one does not act at all, but that the actions arise spontaneously in accordance with the Dao. Thus the necessary is done easily and effortlessly and overzealousness as well as blind actionism (which is considered as obstructive) is avoided. It is a state of inner silence that allows the right action to emerge at the right time without any effort of the will. “Wu-Wei essentially means to orient actions to the nature of one’s own individuality rather than to the purely cognitive, benefit-oriented will.

Enjoy listening to or watching the video. Andreas’ refreshing and light manner is fun.

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