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In my Podcasts I discuss with colleagues and guests from various areas about how to make use of already existing talents , knowledge and Know-How? How can this brought together in a way that the planet, means all living creatures, can coexist in a dignified manner? As an integral intercultural consultant, who acts in the field of Business Development, Organizational Development and as a Coach – I do unite the western and eastern cultures, philosophies and world views. In the upcoming Podcasts I would like to look at these complex correlations by discussing different perspectives and levels with colleagues and guests.

What do we learn from crisis and why are these to be seen as chance(s)? What significance does spirituality have in this context and why is it important to connect it in politics, economics culture, science and society?


Get an insight of my motivation to make a podcast.

Episode 04: Interview with Norbert Wirth from Haver & Boecker India on Market Entry in India

What challenges do companies face while entering the Indian market? What prospects do they have? This interview with Norbert Wirth gives an insight from his perspective on India. And of course we also speak about Spirituality and how he lives and perceives this in the country of thousand gods.

In this Episode 3 I am talking with Adeline Gütschow about new paradigm that are neccessary to implement. “Higher, faster further” alone cannot survive any more. What other values are needed are looked in this podcast more profound.

In order to avoid misunderstandings between the terms “female and male qualities” and “man & women” in this Episode 1 am  talking about the diferences. In future podcasts I will talk more about these terms and therefor it is important to me to clarify.

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