Don’t adapt cultures, but benefit from their diversity.


My name is Purvi Shah-Paulini, owner of Living India. I was born in Stuttgart, Germany and have deep Indian roots.

I am as conversant in German as in Gujarati, my native language. Due to my Indian upbringing in Germany, my frequent visits to India, accompanying delegations and my deep insights into Indian and German corporate structures, I am a qualified mediator for successful bilateral negotiations.

Extensive marketing and sales expertise

My extensive marketing and sales expertise, which I acquired during my MBA studies at the Nuertingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences among others, and my experience with the peculiarities of corporate and negotiation cultures make me an ideal consultant for the positioning of different products in the respective cultural areas. I am much more than an interpreter, because I don’t only understand what is said but also decode the negotiation partner against their particular cultural and business subtext.

My philosophy

My line of work is not about eliminating differences but about developing an understanding of the mindsets involved, from which both parties can benefit.

Sustainable entrepreneurial success is ultimately always a question of mutuality.

“Patience and resilience, adaptability without loss of identity, reliability and endurance, intelligence, learning quickly without forgetting anything, dependability and caution when dealing with sensitive issues. It is said that the elephant represents all this!”


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