Potential is the identification of all possibilities

With a background of an MBA in business economics with comprehensive sales and marketing expertise, the strategy of Living India is to seek future possibilities and seize opportunities for companies in the field of innovation and new technologies.

Living India is constantly on the lookout for potential and opportunities for current, new and prospective clients. I take the lead in determining the requirements in Germany and other European countries, and, through my extensive network, establish an accurate match with potential German and other European partners.

My varied range of services includes M & A, market studies, sourcing, recruitment, expanding infrastructures for newcomers and suppliers in commerce and trade, through to very complex hi-tech solutions such as renewable energy, medical engineering and many more innovations.

Would you like to make your products and/or services available in Germany and/or any other European countries?

If so, get in touch with me. I would be happy to assist you!


Living India
Business Development & Facilitation
Purvi Shah-Paulini (MBA)

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